Canada Water Supplies are Not Unlimited

MP900444789It’s no secret that many areas of Canada are overflowing with an abundance of water, but you shouldn’t take that overstock for granted. Canada is the second largest consumer of water in the world after the United States.

“Canadians mistakenly think we have an unlimited supply of water and rarely give water a second thought to running taps while brushing teeth or other water waste,” said international environmental journalist Stephen Leahy to the Daily Brew. “Canada’s reality is that most waterways flow north to the Arctic. Of our easily accessible water sources like the Great Lakes, many are contaminated – you can’t safely drink them without treatment. Many northern communities are under boil water advisories.”

The Conference Board of Canada ranked Canada 15 of 16 peer countries with a C grade in regards to water, citing that Canada’s water withdrawals are nearly double that of the 16-country average with excessive use blamed on the lack of widespread water conservation practices and cheap water prices. Additionally, water revenues don’t even cover the operational costs to supply water.

Every individual can take a stand to protect Canada’s water supply. Even simple water conservation efforts like turning off the tap while you brush your teeth or taking a shorter shower can contribute greatly to the bottom line.

Ready to start conserving? Check out 25 ways to conserve water in your home or yard!

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