Every claim tells a story

Obrien 2When our customers experience a water or sewer line emergency, there’s always a story to tell. Perhaps it’s the discovery or the aftermath or maybe it’s a tree.

When Michael and Kathleen O’Brien discovered their drains moving slowly, they knew there was a problem. What they didn’t know was the problem stemmed from their beloved mesquite tree. With years of roots entangled around the pipes, causing them to collapse, the homeowners feared their tree would need to be removed – but our network plumber had a plan.

Presidio Plumbing brought a team to hand dig the lines around the tree, preserving as much of the root structure as they could while correcting the problem. Facing more than 100-degree heat each day in Arizona, the team worked hard to make sure the family could keep their beloved tree and they were never without sewer service for more than a few hours at a time while they completed the repair.

“From the outset, your customer service people were incredibly helpful and acted with sympathy, compassion and a sincere desire to help,” said Michael O’Brien. “When it came to digging up and replacing more than ten feet of crushed pipe, your contracted agent, Presidio Plumbing, was as professional and efficient as plumbers can get. The interruption of normal utility delivery was minimal and when the job was completed in record time, you would hardly know they were ever there. Superb work!”

This same level of service is applied to all customers through Service Line Warranties of Canada as well. As part of the Utility Service Partners, Inc. family of companies, we take pride in the mission, vision and values set forth by our parent company to build peace of mind one community at a time.

Visit our Service Line Warranties of America blog to read more about the O’Brien’s story.

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