SLWC’s Favorite Things

Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC) loves sharing homeowner tips and news with you – our customers. As we close out 2015, here’s a recap of some our favorite and most popular blog articles this year.

A broken water line created a frozen home for one family in Detroit, Michigan. A good reminder to shut off your water anytime you leave for an extended trip.

Low water pressure is one of the many signs of a problem with your plumbing. Learn what to do when you notice low pressure.

SLWC advisor Jim Hunt weighs in on one of the most frequently asked questions – why does SLWC only partner with cities? One word – TRUST!

All pipes are not created equal. Do you know what kind of pipes are on your property? Learn how to find out what’s under your home and why the pipe material is important.

What is water worth to you? This essential resource is always in limited supply and necessary for many factors of life. Learn why protecting this resource is critical for every community.

Can you afford a home emergency? Don’t let a water or sewer problem wreck your finances. Educate yourself on the protections and resources available as a homeowner.

Put your landscape on a water diet and help conserve water. Here are a few tips to help.

The City of Hamilton was the first Canadian city to partner with SLWC. Learn how the City is doing thanks to the partnership.

What makes SLWC the best? We stand behind our solid reputation.

Every claim tells a story and we’re happy to share the O’Briens’ story about their experience with the program.

Sometimes there’s a positive experience from a drought – such as unearthing lost treasures. See what things have resurfaced around the world.

Holiday Plumbing Tips

Large Group of Happy People standing together.Don’t let the holiday season wreck your plumbing system. Before guests arrive, take a few minutes to check over your home and avoid a potential water or sewer emergency. The last thing anyone wants to do is call a plumber while opening gifts.

Before the Festivities

  • Inspect toilets, faucets and pipes for leaks and cracks.
  • Have a plunger handy in case a drain clogs.
  • Inspect the water heater to ensure proper functioning.
  • If additional guests are spending the night, stagger showers by 10 to 20 minutes to allow time for the systems to rest.
  • Skip the soft toilet paper and opt for single-ply that will breakdown easier.

Clean Up

  • Dispose of all food in the trash can.
  • Pour leftover grease and oil into a disposable container to cool. Once it solidifies, throw away in the trash can.
  • Do not put stringy, fibrous or starchy waste into a garbage disposal.
  • Never throw bones, egg shells or non-food items in the garbage disposal.

Don’t let your holiday be ruined by a plumbing emergency. Be prepared and enjoy the season. Happy Holidays from Service Line Warranties of Canada.


Don’t let winter freeze your finances

snowy_sceneWinter officially begins on December 22, but many areas are already experiencing frigid temperatures and snow. As the temperature dips below freezing, your water lines become vulnerable to freezing, which could result in leaks and breaks.

Protect your pipes from freezing with these simple tips:

  • Ensure those lines on outside walls have access to heat by keeping cabinet doors open. You can also wrap them with insulated tape for added protection during periods of extreme cold.
  • In freezing temperatures, run a quarter gallon of water per minute to prevent freezing water lines. This equals about 360 gallons over a 24-hour period, or less than $2 per day of water usage. Be sure to put a bowl or jug under the faucet to use the water later for cooking, pets, washing dishes or even watering indoor plants.

If your pipes do freeze, never attempt to unthaw them with direct heat from a blow torch, hair dryer or other heat source as this could cause a fire or the pipes could expand and burst. Contact a professional plumber to assist in the repairs. Frozen pipes are a covered expense under the Service Line Warranties of Canada External Water and In-Home Plumbing and Drainage Repair programs.

Frozen water lines are no laughing matter. A burst pipe could result in thousands of dollars of damage – not only to repair the line, but to repair items in the home damaged by the water. Protect your home today from leaks, breaks and clogs due to frozen pipes, normal wear and tear, extreme weather and ground shifting. Learn more at