Don’t let winter freeze your finances

snowy_sceneWinter officially begins on December 22, but many areas are already experiencing frigid temperatures and snow. As the temperature dips below freezing, your water lines become vulnerable to freezing, which could result in leaks and breaks.

Protect your pipes from freezing with these simple tips:

  • Ensure those lines on outside walls have access to heat by keeping cabinet doors open. You can also wrap them with insulated tape for added protection during periods of extreme cold.
  • In freezing temperatures, run a quarter gallon of water per minute to prevent freezing water lines. This equals about 360 gallons over a 24-hour period, or less than $2 per day of water usage. Be sure to put a bowl or jug under the faucet to use the water later for cooking, pets, washing dishes or even watering indoor plants.

If your pipes do freeze, never attempt to unthaw them with direct heat from a blow torch, hair dryer or other heat source as this could cause a fire or the pipes could expand and burst. Contact a professional plumber to assist in the repairs. Frozen pipes are a covered expense under the Service Line Warranties of Canada External Water and In-Home Plumbing and Drainage Repair programs.

Frozen water lines are no laughing matter. A burst pipe could result in thousands of dollars of damage – not only to repair the line, but to repair items in the home damaged by the water. Protect your home today from leaks, breaks and clogs due to frozen pipes, normal wear and tear, extreme weather and ground shifting. Learn more at

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