Holiday Plumbing Tips

Large Group of Happy People standing together.Don’t let the holiday season wreck your plumbing system. Before guests arrive, take a few minutes to check over your home and avoid a potential water or sewer emergency. The last thing anyone wants to do is call a plumber while opening gifts.

Before the Festivities

  • Inspect toilets, faucets and pipes for leaks and cracks.
  • Have a plunger handy in case a drain clogs.
  • Inspect the water heater to ensure proper functioning.
  • If additional guests are spending the night, stagger showers by 10 to 20 minutes to allow time for the systems to rest.
  • Skip the soft toilet paper and opt for single-ply that will breakdown easier.

Clean Up

  • Dispose of all food in the trash can.
  • Pour leftover grease and oil into a disposable container to cool. Once it solidifies, throw away in the trash can.
  • Do not put stringy, fibrous or starchy waste into a garbage disposal.
  • Never throw bones, egg shells or non-food items in the garbage disposal.

Don’t let your holiday be ruined by a plumbing emergency. Be prepared and enjoy the season. Happy Holidays from Service Line Warranties of Canada.


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