Canada’s water infrastructure is in dire need of repairs

pvc pipe on siteA 2016 report on Canada’s infrastructure identified water infrastructure at risk of rapid deterioration. Overall, one-third of Canada’s municipal infrastructure is at risk of failing.

“What this survey shows is that we need to repair our existing infrastructure. Our infrastructure is aging and we need to accelerate the rate of renewal. As any homeowner knows, repair costs skyrocket once you let things go past a certain point. We don’t want to get to that point,” said Canadian Public Works Association President Kealy Dedman in the report.

Investments are needed to keep up with the repairs and maintenance in the short term to prevent a rapid deterioration. The report also noted that many municipalities are failing to meet reinvestment target rates, which will increase the overall infrastructure repair needs substantially.

“This isn’t complicated. Homeowners know you need to stay on top of repairs if you want to avoid larger bills down the road. If you see a small crack in your foundation, you fix it now. You don’t wait until water is pouring into your basement,” said Michael Atkinson, President of the Canadian Construction Association.

While this report focuses on municipal infrastructure, as a homeowner, your pipes are subject to the same problems from age, normal wear and tear, ground shifting and climate change. Do you have a plan to invest in your own infrastructure? Are you prepared for a failure?

This report is an important reality for not just municipal officials, but also for homeowners. Nothing lasts forever, even if that’s a common misconception about our infrastructure. At some point, water and sewer lines are going to leak, crack or break and there will be a hefty repair bill.

“The report shows that we have an opportunity to improve quality of life for Canadians, strengthen the economy and save money over the long term. That should be all the motivation we need to act now,” said Nick Larson, Chair of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers Infrastructure Renewal Committee.

Service Line Warranties of Canada can help address this infrastructure issue within your community through educational outreach and a plan for not if, but when a water or sewer line breaks. To learn more, visit

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